Richard Dadd. Sketch for the Passions. Love, 1853.

Watercolor, 14 x10 inches. Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut.

This scene from Romeo and Juliet is one of the illustrations for a series Dadd entitled "Sketches for the Passions." Depending on whether or not one adds several doubtful pictures, the series has twenty-two illustrations in it.

This scene, almost as popular for illustration as the balcony scene when Romeo and Juliet first meet, is the parting after their night together in Act III, scene v.

Nurse: Your lady mother is coming to your chamber. / The day is broke; be wary, look about.
Juliet: Then, window, let day in, and let life out.
Romeo: Farewell, farewell! One kiss, and I'll descend.