Sir John Gilbert's Drawings for the Plays of Shakespeare

These two illustrations are examples of the drawings produced for Howard Staunton's edition of The Works of Shakespeare in three volumes (1864), originally published by Routledge, London. The engravings were done by the Brothers Dalziel.

These illustrations are reproduced from a one-volume modern edition, The Globe Illustrated Shakespeare, Greenwich House, 1979. Gilbert's drawings appear in several editions of the plays; I have, for example, a 1904 American edition of Charles Knight's The Works of Shakespeare (Philadelphia: Henry T. Coates & Co.) that uses 400 hundred of Gilbert's drawings, roughly one-half the number produced for the original Staunton edition.

Act III, Scene iv: Lear, his fool, Tom 'o Bedlam, and Kent find shelter from the storm.

The last scene of The Merry Wives of Windsor where Falstaff, disguised as Herne the Hunter, is tormented by the mob of satyrs, hobgoblins, and fairies.