Graduate English Advisory Committee

The Graduate English Advisory Committee (GEAC) serves as the official liaison between English graduate students and faculty and is therefore responsible for communicating graduate student concerns to the faculty and to the department at large. Through monthly meetings with the Director of Graduate Studies, the members of GEAC serve as an important conduit of information between students and faculty. Outside of regularly scheduled meetings, GEAC is in frequent communication with the DGS, gathering feedback from graduate students on matters relating to the program and advising on pertinent matters as they arise.

GEAC organizes several more projects that directly impact graduate students. GEAC takes charge of orientation for incoming students each year, welcoming and transitioning new students into the department, and also organizes the graduate students¿ mentoring program for these students new to Emory. In addition, GEAC organizes the annual graduate student colloquium, which is held each spring. This colloquium offers an opportunity for graduate students to showcase their work for faculty and their fellow students, and often for prospective students as well. The GEAC members also hold two meetings each year with their fellow graduate students in order to assess student concerns, to gather student feedback, and to develop graduate-student initiatives. Out of these meetings have grown exciting and useful new projects, ranging everywhere from a department-sponsored graduate student conference, to the sponsoring of working groups within specific fields of study. Additional graduate-student committees exist under the auspices of GEAC, including the Brown Bag Colloquia Series, the Kemp-Malone Lecture Series, and the department's social committee.

The committee consists of seven members: three faculty members elected to 2-year terms by the Graduate Faculty, three graduate students elected by the resident graduate students, and the Director of Graduate Studies. Of the three graduate students serving on this committee, one is a second-year, one a third-year, and one a fourth-year. Each spring, graduate students elect representatives to GEAC, voting for a first-year to serve a two-year term the following two years and a third-year to serve a one-year term the following year.