Kemp Malone Lecture Series

The Kemp Malone Lecture Series began in 2004 by English graduate students to foster closer relationships with scholars around the country. Graduate student run and led, the Kemp Malone Lecture Series recruits some of the most respected academics in literature, cultural studies, and critical theory writing today. The intent of the series is to match Emory student interests with scholars who have written on those interests and to make scholars accessible to students.

Scholars are nominated in the spring and chosen by the Kemp Malone committee in conjunction with the Director of Graduate Studies. The scholar is selected based on her or his influence in the academic field and relevance to Emory's graduate community.

Kemp Malone Lecturers are invited to a student-led reading seminar based on their work, are invited to give a lecture to a faculty and student body later that same day, and are invited to discuss, roundtable-style, issues in pedagogy, professionalization, or critical reception of their work with students. The series invites the lecturer for two days of discussions and lectures. All activities and lectures are planned and carried out by the Kemp Malone Committee.

The Kemp Malone Lecture Series Committee usually consists of 4 students (one from the 2nd year, one from the 3rd, one from the 4th, and one from the 5th). The current 4th-year student is traditionally the chair of the committee, and the previous year¿s 4th-year student (now in her 5th year) will often serve in an advisory role to the current committee. Students are chosen at the end of their first year by members of the current Kemp Malone Committee and continue to serve on the committee for the following three years. With the help of the whole graduate student body, members of the committee plan the Lecturer's visit and secure funding from various departments and campus institutions.